Missing Money
BY Carlo Toong (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON May 09, 2017
Subject of Complaint: BDO

See below my letter to, which doubles as my complaint to BDO and BSP:

Hi Citibank, BDO and BSP,

In the past, I have looped in XXXXXXXXX, my fiancee, the sender of the money, and holder of the Citibank account in our correspondence. She in turn, forwards this email to Citibank by way of online inquiry on the website of Citibank in the US. However, in this instance, I am including Citibank Philippines so that they are aware of what is happening.

I have also included Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas in this email, the consumer affairs dept, as this situation has reached unacceptable proportions.

As of present, the money transfer made on February 26, 2015 still is nowhere to be found. It has been close to 3 weeks since this was initiated. Here are the details:

Citibank Reference # xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXX
Sender Name: XXXXXXXXX
Transfer Amount: $XXXXXXXXX

Note that I have attached in this email Wire Transfer information from Citibank.

My last communication with BDO was at 12:58pm Manila time, with Lorie from the call center dept of BDO, stating time and again, that the money is not there. My last communication with BDO, before Lorie, was with Joan, identified as the manager. I demanded that they speak with Citibank regarding this. BDO has nothing to show for except their statement saying they have spoken with citibank. BDO has no reference to show of such communication they had with Citibank.

I have email trail of my communication with BDO from when I have called them of this issue. I also have report numbers that they have given me from every time I would call them. I have names of people I have spoken with. The isuue has gone nowhere.

You may see a copy of this complaint lodged in Complaints Board Philippines at Complaints http://Board.ph.

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