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POSTED ON October 12, 2014
Subject of Complaint: capitalife - buyacar

Capitalife and buyacar has same owner in the person of Steve Borsuk who was apprehended by the Bureau of Immigration and is now probably serving sentence abroad based on what I read in the net.. You may want to google Niv Borsuk aka Seve Borsuk to find out more about his reputation.. If the company has closed and most probably their bank accounts too were closed.. So how can they deposit the checks of its borrowers. The only probable answer is they must have rediscounted those checks to another lender.
To those who bought cars from buyacar better make sure you know where the ORCRs are. You may be paying a loan religiously only to realize you cannot get the ORCR in the end.Worse, the car you are amortizing is probably not owned by them yet but still in the name of a bank. Please do research, for your protection. For all we know, capitalife /buyacar might still be operating, under another name.
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