CAPITALIFE/BuyACar FAQs (062214)
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POSTED ON June 22, 2014
Subject of Complaint: Capitalife Lending Inc - Cirrus Holdings


Q: Is it true Capitalife Lending Inc or BuyACar.Ph is now closed?
A. Capitalife Lending http://Inc/ is now closed.

Note: We do not know for certain how or when but we know this is a fact because:
(1) their place of business is now all chained up and locked and there is no one who can give you a new address because none of the contacts we had before can still be reached
(2) former employees from Capitalife have posted here and said so
(3) it is what the company who supposedly acquired Capitalife says so when they try to collect from you

Q: What will happen to my loan with these companies?
B. Cirrus Holdings Inc is the one collecting on Capitalife/BuyACar loans now. They give different reasons when you ask what legal basis they have for doing so but none of those reasons is backed up with legal documentation.

Q: Why do we need to take action?
C. We feel that we should first know FOR CERTAIN if we aren't just giving away money for nothing if we keep paying this new company. So far, they have not established their legal right to collect in behalf of Capitalife/BuyACar so we need to protect our money.

Q: Should I keep paying them?
D. Our new lawyer advised that we SHOULD NOT keep paying them. We need to protect our money. BUT we need to take action to protect ourselves from possible bounced check cases so join our group (check my other June 22nd post to see how)

Note: You need to be aware that THIS WILL TAKE TIME. If there are circumstances in your life that will not allow you to have this issue hanging over your head right now, continue to pay them.

Q: I have stopped paying Cirrus but they keep calling and harassing me. What shoud I do?
A: Join our group (check my other June 22nd post to see how)

Q: I already received a demand letter from Cirrus Financial Institution Inc. What should I do?
A: Join our group (check my other June 22nd post to see how)

Q: I have a car loan and I am having so many issues with this right now. What should I do?
A: Join our group (check my other June 22nd post to see how)

"Join our group" because you need to take action against them and it is easier done as a group than on your own. But once again, be aware that this will take time and effort.

If you are scared and/or just want the easiest way out of all these, then contact Cirrus, visit them at their current address, and do whatever they tell you to do.
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