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POSTED ON June 22, 2014
Subject of Complaint: Capitalife Lending Inc - Cirrus Holdings

We are a group of people taking concrete actions against Capitalife/BuyACar but we are not an information desk. Please reach out to us only if you have decided to take actions against them, too, by joining our group.

We no longer entertain text messages or calls made to 09396058436. Please check my other post for the answers to the frequently asked questions.

If you want to join our group, send an email to EWRITER.2206@GMAIL.COM with the following information and attachments:
A. Information
1) full name
2) type of loan
3) bank name for your PDC
4) contact number
B. Attachments
1) scan or picture of a Capitalife/BuyACar document that shows your name
2) scan or picture of a valid govt. ID with your name

If even just one requirement stated is missing, we will ignore your email.
Banking & Finance
LOCATION: Metro Manila

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