BY Wenn Maneclang (2 Complaints Posted)
POSTED ON June 01, 2017
Subject of Complaint: Western Union

Good afternoon. I am Wenn and I would like to complain about Western Union regarding their employee's attitude and about how strict they we're with identification cards. So my cousin from Canada sent money to my younger brother and when he was trying to get it, the employee said that his student ID isn't accepted as a valid ID and asked him to message my cousin to transfer the money to a different name. So my cousin, transferred it to me. I tried getting it during my free time in UST and the girl employee their told me that I need to present another ID and to tell you, I didn't like the way she told me that. I am a customer and she should tell me something in a friendly manner and not in a rude and sarcastic way. I just don't get the point why they don't accept student ID. Do they expect that all 17-18 year old would already have other ID except from our school ID? Until now I still can't get the money that my cousin has sent me because of the issue with student ID. They said that it only applies to 17 years old and below, so if that is the case, why didn't they accept my younger brother's ID?! He just turned 17!!! So his ID should have been accepted. And to tell you, that money didn't even reach 2000 pesos so in my opinion, they should've had accepted my student ID or my younger brother's student ID.
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LOCATION: Pampanga

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