Late or Missed Delivery
BY diangs (2 Complaints Posted)
POSTED ON April 15, 2017
Subject of Complaint: Vans Shoes

My sender shipped it last April 7 and I was informed that the delivery will be for 1-2 business days so I wait until Tuesday in the coming week so I tracked it on their website but it just said that it was already shipped to their delivery station so I just tried to see if I will be contacted or any kinds of info might be provided but none. So I try to go to their Facebook page and I saw a lot of people asking about their packages and that made me feeling uneasy about the company. Even if the package got delivered and not being received they should update their tracking information. Instead I was provided by the admin of the page a contact information but their line was cannot be reached. It is already more than a week and not even a apology or whatnot coming from them is none.
Couriers & Deliveries
LOCATION: Marikina City

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