Capping for surfers and a unaffordable
COMPLAINT ON Smart Communications
BY Jareer (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON March 25, 2017
Subject of Complaint: SURFMAX

This is for Smart abuse.
Smart Communications, Inc. We need more data. Means to say "We need the Unlimited Surfing" just like before. Everyone now is switchin' to the other network because your promos isn't productive and helpful to everyone. I'd been loading 1k pesos in every month from 2014 until now. This new promos in 2016-2017 with capping is a fraud already. Are you mean to eat us all? Even the richest ppl wont take this promo with this glitchy capping. 800Mb per day is not worth to do surf. Spinnr w/ subscription, iflix, Youtube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Dubsmash, Skype Qik? Mostly ppl in this country dont use those apps/webs anymore. They're all surfing different kind of web and downloading apps/videos/music. Please, Be grateful and thankful that some ppl still trynna support and still using your telecom. Best Regards, Hope ya understands what us (users) trynna complain or say. Hear us like how we'd been supporting you as well.
LOCATION: Lanao del Sur

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