Cignal Scammer
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POSTED ON May 25, 2013
Subject of Complaint: Cignal

i subscribed to Cignal way back Feb of 2013 with 3 months free subs. fee and was told that i only need to pay the installation fee and 1 month advance which i did. after 24 hrs upon installation, the device was activated and on that same date i called their customer service just to inquire something. i was told that i can upgrade it with 3 months free of subscription fee also and no upgrade fee to pay.aside from that i was told that my first bill will start only after 3 months after activation , so i did upgrade it as it sounds amazing . BUT after 2 months they start sending me a paper bill with a total bill of 2k, so i called them and was told to ignore it as it was a system error. then again after 3 months i got another bill with 5k due and demanding me to pay it as it was the final notice of disconnection.i filed a complaint and even spoke to supervisor from their hotline and was told that there is nothing they can do and i have to pay it. and till to the point they disconnected the services. lesson learned and i will swear to GOd i will never recommend this company. watch out baka maloko kayo.and they even demand me to pay 12k since i want it cancel my contract. i told them clearly na ndi aq magbabayad since sila ang unang ndi nag abide sa contract not me .
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