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BY Complainer (285 Complaints Posted)
POSTED ON August 29, 2016
Requesting to transfer of loadwallet from old account to new account,,, but failed transaction,and delay of processing,. ...   MORE INFO ON Smart communication>
Retail Outlet
COMPLAINT ON Smart Communications
BY JeanneRoxanneM (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON August 29, 2016
Smart is overcharging US. My partner and I usually get billed from our SMART POSTPAID Plan 250 around 300 -350 pesos. but just this month of August. Our bill suddenly went up to to 1300 pesos for my bill and 1200 for his. So then, when we looked to our bills, there is a new section added that says data charges! We were shocked coz there was no changes in our usage of data from the time we subscribed to the plan. And the most horrible thing we discovered was my partners bill and mine has the same charges on the same date, on the same time????? WEIRD! how can we possible have the same bill???? we are not even using the phone in the same way! clearly this is a scam of SMART!!! When I tried to complain to customer service, they called back the next day and said, SORRY maam, the charges are valid according to our system?? I paused and asked, that's odd coz I got the same bill, dates and time of charges with my partner, it looks like a copy and pasted DATA charges. As I was trying to explai ...   MORE INFO ON SMART>
COMPLAINT ON Vince Salazar CJ Gadgets Angeles
BY complainant 13 (2 Complaints Posted)
POSTED ON August 28, 2016
I posted a complaint last June pa, since isa ako sa na-scam ng Vince Salazar na ito. Kaya lang ngayon ko lang na nabasa na may positive feedback sa kanila.. Gusto ko lang sabihin na PEKE ang positive feedback na yan! Katulad din ng mga fake feedback nila sa facebook, na kapag tiningnan mo ang profile ng nagsulat e halatang kagagawa lang.. Kumbaga Technique nila yan para manloko! May mga Documents pa nga sila na pinost para mukha talagang legit, pero ang pinaka malala naatim pa nilang mag post ng mga Bible Verses. Ang kapal ng mukha. Halang ang kaluluwa, ginagamit pa ang Diyos para lang makapang loko..

Kaya sa mga may balak bumili ng gadgets sa kanila, please THINK TWICE! DO NOT BE FOOLED! kagaya ng nangyari sa akin at sa iba pang naloko nila.. iniisip ko na nga lang na abuloy ko sa kanila yung naloko nila sakin..

BY mincofab (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON August 28, 2016
My car was damaged in the UP Town parking lot. They had an open manhole that they didn't cover. The guard told me to fill out a form so my insurance would be able to take care of it. At the car repair I found out that there would be a participation fee. When I asked Ayala Malls if they can help out they immediately said, "Di na pwede kasi nag fill up ka na ng form". That means they knew it was their fault and purposefully made me fill out the form so they won't be liable for the repairs. I think this is a sick and manipulative way of dealing with customers. I want to sue UP Town Ayala Malls and have those guards fired immediately. Is this possible? ...   MORE INFO ON UP Town Ayala Mall>
Professional Services
LOCATION: Metro Manila
COMPLAINT ON XEND Business Solutions, Inc.
BY cessblanco (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON August 27, 2016
My parcel was picked up Wednesday, August 24, 2016, at Makati City and was said to be delivered in 24 hrs in Laguna. So the following day, Thursday August 25, I called to follow up since their tracking on their website is not working. The person from their call center said it is due for delivery that day and to please wait for the delivery until 8pm. The person I was supposed to send the pacjage to texted me that evening that there was no delivery made. So the next morning Friday, August 26, I called their call center again. They told me that the package was not shipped because the address was unlocated. So I told them to just return the item to me at Makati. Then I called again to tell them that they can just continue delivering the package in Laguna, but this time, the agent told me the package was in fact delivered, but in an incorrect address. So I was very shocked and frustrated as to how that could happen because the information for delivery is attached to the parcel itself, maki ...   MORE INFO ON XEND>
Couriers & Deliveries
LOCATION: Metro Manila
BY Complainer (285 Complaints Posted)
POSTED ON August 26, 2016
Greeting! I would like to file a complaints against the Land Transportation Office of Tuguegarao City Cagayan Branch for not giving us the plate number of my motorcycle for almost past 3 years. Mr. Michael Ventura Manager of wheeltek motor sales corporation which is located at Buntun Highway Tuguegarao City, told me that the motor they've sold to me doesn't have a plate number as per his conversation with the officer of the said LTO. Mr. ventura that he follow-up with this plate number in weekly basis but they always saying that it is not available. This follow-up began since 2 years. I look forward for your reply & kind hearted advise on what professional action will I apply regarding this matter. ...   MORE INFO ON lto>
Public Transport
BY Godo (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON August 25, 2016
After 7 days of email and calling, No service tech shows up to fix our Internet services... DEAD silence from the company. Just the same old line, "we are on the problem and our tech support group is working to fix the problem" No tech comes to the location to find out whats the problem.. You would think at least after 48 hrs they could get someone to visit our location, we are only 15minutes away from their tech office in Mandaue.. ...   MORE INFO ON MYDslBiz>
Internet Services
LOCATION: Mandaue City
BY mhaiztee (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON August 24, 2016
I applied for a change of status and name for my cards in BDO since I got married recently. I was approved at once and I paid the necessary fee of 400Php. I never expected that the next things will be total frustration! It has been 2 months now since I applied and yet, neither of the cards has reached me. I couldn't remember how many times I called their customer service and was always promised of an expedited delivery. Once they told me that my address could not be found by their courier. That's ridiculous! How come they were able to deliver my cards right to my address 2 years ago, and now they couldn't!?! Now I am thinking of filing a formal complaint against BDO but I don't know where or which institution to approach. This has caused me real frustration!!!!!! ...   MORE INFO ON Credit Card>
Banking & Finance
LOCATION: Metro Manila
COMPLAINT ON Globe Telecom
BY Ruel E. Reyes (1 Complaint Posted)
POSTED ON August 23, 2016
I'm a customer of Globe Telecom for Broadband DSL + Landline. I have a 2MBPS speed and a 5GB daily cap. During this past year, I'm seeing a pattern where Globe seems to record the time of the day when internet usage is at its minimum for each customer. Then during that time, they deliberately slows down the internet speed of that customer. PLEASE INVESTIGATE THIS AND LET THEM STOP. We are paying for a full price, we want the full service.
To site samples:
- During summer vacation, our internet is being used all though out the day up to about 9pm since my wife and kids already sleep by that time. I work on a mid-shift so during the weekdays, I usually got home at 1am. But for several weekdays that I am at home at 9pm, I notice that everyday, at around 9pm, our internet speed slows down to 0.1 to 0.3 MBPS, which is unbearable, even when it is impossible that I have already reached my 5GB cap. Take note that this happens everyday, until I called them and complained about it. IT ...   MORE INFO ON Globe Broadband DSL + Landline>
LOCATION: Taguig City
COMPLAINT ON Register of Deeds in Cebu
BY Complainer (285 Complaints Posted)
POSTED ON August 23, 2016
We filed for Land Titling on March 2016. We were told to come back in 2 weeks in which we did so. Next we were told to come back next week, then next week, then call back, then call back in a week. Until now, we still have no answer. We are very frustrated with the system especialy, it was publicly announced by our President regarding this matter. ...   MORE INFO ON Department of Justice>
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